Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Know when to fold

Texas Holdem has now become one of the most popular poker games in the world. More and more people get interested in the game and want to find some nice resources to quickly learn the game rules for them to join the game world. But when they really get into the game, they start to find that they don’t know why they could not take senseful actions but play the game blindly somewhat.

Here is one tip for poker players to follow to overcome what you sometimes cannot control when get involved the game.

No matter you are poker beginners or not, you had better know when to fold, as this is a very important point many poker players might ignore. For poker beginners, they would like to play all their hands to the end of every round without wise considerations. They haven’t got enough experiences and skills to deal with all kinds of hands they have to respond to.

Big hands, big draws and big egos are all possible reasons for new poker players not to fold their hands. Here, poker beginners’ ego would matter in their actions. They might say to themselves that "I will not allow another player to outplay me." Nothing hurts a poker egotist more than getting bluffed or outplayed.

In general, people tend to overestimate their skill level. Even for those poker beginners who just learned a little about how to play poker, they might think that they have already know the general rules or ways how the games go. However they haven’t practiced what they learned to some enough extent. Remember that it will never be enough for people to grasp some skills to the top level. In fact, there is no such place called the top.

So, do not let your ego encroaches your wise sharp judgments on whether you need to fold or to call.

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