Thursday, October 23, 2008

Table Selection--One important skill for Texas Holdem

For most poker players online these days, it’s those great bucks that attract them most and let them deeply fall in love with poker games like Texas Holdem. So as a poker player, do you know how to do to win the biggest when playing against others, no matter who are better or weaker than you? You are so lucky that today I’d like to introduce to you a very basic but rather important skill for you to grab the shining bucks---how to select your proper table.
Table selection is by far the most important skill to master and love, and it will make you the most profitable player that you can be. It does not matter how good you are at playing poker if you are always sitting down at the table with people that are as good as or better than you. As you will find in the long run you are losing money playing with players that are as good as you are because of the rake. The rake will kill your profitability. So you need to improve your poker skills at selecting your table to spot and locate the fish as you must know that sharks really feed on fish.
But here the point is HOW you could find the fish in poker games. Normally, you could watch carefully other players when playing against them and find those who consistently make bad or silly moves, weather they get lucky or not, just write them down. Next time when you come across them in poker games, you could easily read them out and know how to grab them of their bucks. Another way to find fish is to share information with your friends by creating a fish list and store all the useful fish information in the list. This information will be valuable to everyone in your group, and will help you and your friends profit.
But if you do not have any notes or fishlists, how will you play then? It’s simple that you need to know that nothing would stop you from standing up and leaving the table. As you know that if you cannot spot the fish in the first thirty minutes, you are the fish, so do not hesitate to stand up and leave the table in search of friendlier and more profitable waters.
Anyway, remember that the poker skills are the most important in poker games though you need to know how to select the proper table to win from the fish.

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