Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Learn to bluff

Bluffing seems to be a very basic skill for poker players. If you could use it properly you will find it rather profitable. Here are some tips for you to know when and how to bluff in poker games.

Bluff when the board cards indicate that someone may possibly have a good hand. For example, if three cards of the same suit are on the board, someone could be holding the fourth card, giving them a flush. If you bet like you are that someone, you might convince the other players that you are. If you can do that, the other players will fold, and you will win the poker hand.

Watch out when bluffing if you are playing with some weak and inexperienced players. New poker players may not so skillful as others to think before they take their actions to call your bluff. They may call all bluffs or all the raises others offered.

Do not bluff too often. Some smart players could read you out if you always like to bluff in most conditions and you will lose in the long run. So be careful of those players that looks have the ability of reading others and stay unpredictable.

Think twice before bluffing. If you are sitting in the middle or later positions, you could base your decision of bluffing or not on what other players before you did. Also you can guess what hands they might keep, and then decide your action.

Never bluff according to your first feeling or tuition but to your wise judgments.
Again: practice makes perfect, just keep your eyes open and you will become much more powerful. You bet~!

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