Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Types of poker players

For all new poker players, it’s important for them to know different kinds of players. If they do not understand how deifferent players would playe their hands or what their playing habbits are, they might find it hard to play their hands against them. In fact they really need to get rather familiar with different types of poker players in order to beat them down..
Actually, we can divide all poker players into two general groups: tight and loose players.
As for tight players, they often play their hands quite seriously and cautiously. They will be more likely to fold when the odds are against them. They also have more control of their chips and know clearly how much they win and how much they lose. But they have their own flaws that they are easily predicted out by their opponents. So other players could easily make good use of their weakpoints to win.
Loose players, just the opposite to tight players, would play most of the pots. They are most likely to call all the raises and do not care too much about how much they win or lose. Playing with these players, you may find it much more funny as they usually play most of their hands and play much longer. But on the other side, they are also not that simple as tight players to predict them out. Some of them would be much flexible in their playing and make it harder for you to take exact and wise actions.
What is more important is that you need know that you also belong to one group of them. Therefore, you need to be more felxible in your playing style in order to be unpredicatable. When you feel that some one has read you out and glanced at your bucks, you must quickly change your playing style. Play tightly now and then in a loose game and vice versa.

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