Sunday, October 19, 2008

Learn to play against calling stations

First of all, we need to know that calling station can be defined as a player who usually won’t take control of their hands but leave the betting option to you and will probably just call if they hit something on the flop. They may hit a pair of improve into a straight or a flush draw.
Then after we know what they are and how often they play their hands, we shall figure out our correspondent strategies against them.
Calling stations could be double-edged swords as they can be great to value bet and you can benefit from them to gain some extra profit. If you hit some strong hands on the flop you can bet a reasonable amount into them and keep them calling you to the river. They'll offer you the chances of building the pot and winning more bets if they don't draw out on your hand.
However, you also need to keep in mind that calling stations would also be calling on straights or flush draws as well. What you should do under such circumstance is just let them hit their draw cheaply. Adjust the pot odds to your favor by betting the correct amount. If you're heads-up against a calling station and you have a strong hand but could also be outdrawn, you should consider betting at least the size of the pot. If your opponent calls this bet on a straight or flush draw, he's statistically making a mistake and you're making him pay to do it. He'll still draw out on you at times, but most of the time you'll just be gaining extra bets. Keep in mind that most players aren't completely clueless, so if you think that your opponents missed his draw, you should check on the river and try to induce a bluff.
So as soon as you start a round of game, start to watch your opponents and analyze their playing styles for your precise decisions. As you decide they are calling stations, just lead them to value bet and show down strong hands to win the pot.

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