Friday, October 24, 2008

Basics about Pot Odds in Poker

As a regular poker player, you must know the term “pot odds” much more clearly than those poker beginners. You would probably hear this term tossed around a lot, while even the poker beginners may get some clues about it when they learn the poker games. For all poker players who want to win in poker games, it is crucial to understand the poker pot odds.
A basic knowledge of the poker game will get you started, but to be a successful player you need to understand more advanced concepts like statistics and probability. Playing poker without strategies such as calculating pot odds would put you at a disadvantage, as poker is a game of skill, strategy and intelligence.
Understanding the odds inherent with the game and playing in accordance with those odds will improve your results and combining that strategy with skill and intelligence is what makes a great poker player.
Put simply, pot odds should be the basis for all choices you make regarding your hand. Pot odds are determined by comparing the size of the pot to the strength of your hand and estimating what you have to invest to have a shot at the pot. In other words, pot odds are basically the risk vs. the gain for each hand.
Actually, the concept of pot odds is difficult to explain in words but easier to understand in action and can be quite effective in improving your win percentage when applied practically.
So it’s rather necessary to learn some useful methods of calculating the pot odds in order to improve your poker skills and increase your chances of winning in the poker games. Remember that using pot odds to determine how you play does not guarantee you win, but it does make the risks you take and the occasional payoff from those risks more favorable.

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