Thursday, October 30, 2008

2 Advanced Strategies for No-limit Texas Holdem

For players who like to play No-limit Holdem, they really need to acquire some strong skills and poker strategies in order to win in the game. Last time I ever talked about several skills which I think are necessary for players, then the following skills are also crucial for their chances of success.

1 Reading skills

Reading an idea of your opponent's cards is very important in the poker games online. This really takes time and experience. However, a way to improve your reading skills is what I call the 'three question techniques.' Always ask yourself these three questions when someone makes or calls a bet:

• What does my opponent have?

• What does my opponent think I have?

• What does my opponent think I think he has?
Every time you ask yourself these questions when playing poker, you are thinking of your hands and your opponents’ power. By doing this, you are surely on the way to winning.

2 Psychology and Traps

Once you hold the whopper and your opponent also has a good hand, what's the best way to double through him? Learning to get out of and set traps is very difficult and only experience will help in this department.Fundamentally, game psychology and traps are used to manipulate the three questions mentioned earlier.

For example, if you overbet the pot with a flush draw and then check when you hold the flush, either your opponent will fall for the trap, thinking you had top pair, or he will recognize the trap and check-fold to you on river. This slowplay is used to manipulate the variable: what does he think I have?

Generally, this sort of poker game psychology is only used on good players. Against weaker players, you should just build a good hand and extract money out of them bit by bit. Weaker players just play their hand; they don't think about what you have.

Remember that practice makes perfect, so just do it with your head, then you will hear “YOU WIN”.

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