Monday, October 20, 2008

How to play pre-flop

Whenever you want to play your pre-flop cards by betting like a maniac in Texas Holdem, you must seriously think of such factors like the number of players, the playing styles of your opponents, your bankroll, etc. which would affect your actions in poker games.
Playing with 10 people in a poker game, it's much more likely that someone else has a strong hand in the pocket than in a short-handed game. And the chances are also bigger that someone's pre-flop hand fitting the flop will be much better. More competition means stiffer competition.
Then assuming that you’ve been playing several hands with a few people and you find that some players always call or raise your bet, you need to adjust your poker strategies to their playing styles and let them win the blinds but win big when you have a strong hand in the pocket pre-flop.
If you have 2$ left, you would play carefully and select one hand to bet on, hoping to get as many players involved as possible for a larger pot. You'll want to be all-in before the flop is dealt. But suppose that you have 1000$ in a 1$/2$ table, then you could take the high-risk, high-payout bets. So your playing strategy depends on your bankroll.
As we discussed before that positions really matter in poker games, you need to vary your playing strategies according to your different positions around the table. If you are in the early or middle positions, you must carefully think before you decide how to play your pre-flop as you have little information of how others play their hands first. If you stay in the late positions, it must be better for you to base your decisions on what others react and optimize the pot size to your wish.
Therefore, next time when you want to play your pre-flop in Texas Holdem, take these factors into consideration and then you could make some wise decisions on how you play it well.

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