Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Play poker with fish

When you play poker games of any type, you will always have a fish around the table, and sometimes more than one. So you need to tell who is and who is not. Otherwise, they would give you some surprise occasionally, though few but make you feel rather depressed. Remember the saying, "If you can't spot the sucker at the table, you are it".

Playing poker with fish, or loose callers and bad bettors, can have its ups and downs. If you try not to let their loose calling and crap betting get at you, you can get the best of them and most of their money.

Don't you hate it when you try to bluff at a pot with a big bet and someone with 3rd or 4th bottom pair calls you down? These are fish - they have high hopes in every hand and loose call way too often. On top of their bad plays and constant chasing, when they win they act like they are the next Chan. This can get irritating, especially when they start hitting hands, and they may even put you on tilt.

Sometimes it gets really frustrating watching a bad player take down pots by calling big bets on an unreal chase and catch. It is even worse when you try to steal the pot and they call you with some insane small pair. Remember those seemingly aggressive fish. They might call you whenever you want to bluff to win the pot.

So, how to catch those fish? One simple way is to play how you usually play and eventually you will take their stack. If you wait until you have a nut or a very good hand when they have a pair or two, you will catch them. Back to fish having high hopes in all their hands - they WILL call you down when you lay out that big bet.

Fish are fish. What you need to do is just give what they like and enjoy your fishing.

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