Thursday, October 16, 2008

Playing Texas Holedem against highly skilled players

If you often play poker online and think you are a reasonably skilled Texas Holdem player, you would face a mix of opponents, some less skilled than you, some perhaps a bit more. However, have you ever thought that you may come across some really highly skilled players? And if so, how would you play against them? If you really want to improve your level of poker playing, it’s inevitable and rather essential to sitting together with some tough strong players who will make you learn and move forward.
Someone is a pro doesn’t mean he is going to blow you out of every pot with huge raises or see right through to your soul when you try to bluff. A pro is simply someone who makes more correct decisions than the average player does. If you are a skilled player and play your best game, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to win, at least in the short term. You should have confidence in your ability to play against them in Texas Holdem online.
Another thing you can do when playing against highly skilled players is that you can adopt the tactic of short stacking. By doing this you just buy in to the game for a small amount, often the minimum. The sharks in the game are looking for whales, bad players that will throw money at them. When they see your small stack, they may forget about you and look for tastier prey, therefore a pretty great chance to learn from their playing modes.
Remember that top players are not born on top. They also grow from fish, just like you, he or me. Play your best and you ARE on the way to be one of them or even on top of them.

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