Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why play poker?

Most poker players might not think of this question unless some other day they are asked about it. When they come to this question, the first reason coming to their mind may be “entertainment”, that is, they play poker for fun. Whenever they feel tired or boring without anything to do to kill time, they would turn to their hobby for help, so they play poker. Or, when they are very happy and want do something for recreation, they may also think of playing poker with others.

The second possible answer for "why play poker?" is the intellectual challenge that poker presents. Poker is not a gambling game, though an element of chance is present, it is more an intellectual challenge where one must put his full mental capabilities in order to win. The intellectual challenge in poker varies from player to player: for some bluffing is the hard core of the game, the real challenge, while for others the intellectual challenge lays in reading opponents' hands. Successful poker players are gaining their joy from learning how a system works and breaking it.Apart from the intellectual challenge, this game also has another attribute and that's the social aspect of it. Poker is a social game - players sit around a card table and play and talk for hours which can strengthen their friendship. Poker offers you a chance to meet new people and make friends while playing your favorite game. No matter you are old friends or just meet for the very first time, when you sit down and start to play poker together, you would quickly get closer to each other and maybe create a durable precious friendship. Games such as playing poker could ease the embarrassment when people meet for the first time. It really works~!Don’t believe it? So just have a try next time you meet somebody whom you want to make acquainted with. Maybe you might also meet your true love around the table as you find that someone play in such good harmony with you. Haha…

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