Monday, September 15, 2008

Mid-autumn Day

The day before yesterday was Mid-autumn Day in Chinese tradition. As three days were not long enough for me to go back home, I went to one of my friend’s house to celebrate the festival with them. On that day in tradition, Chinese people usually prepared or cooked moon-cakes and many other delicious foods and dish which they will enjoy for the dinner of the festival. The moon at that night in the sky was very round and brightly shinning. Family members usually sit around a table and together chat freely about their work, life, study,, and enjoy the reunion which was considered very important for a family.
What a happy festival I had~! Though I didn’t go home, I still had a nice festival with my friends. After the dinner, somebody suggested play poker for fun, so we played poker to win moon-cakes. He who won would get a moon-cake. I felt it’s really very funny when somebody won so many moon-cakes while someone lost all of their cakes without anything to bet. Obviously, everybody could still have some moon-cakes to eat because we are friends, we are a family in some certain sense. That night spent with my friends made me feel the warmness of HOME.
Wish all of my friends and my family happy every day~!!

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