Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Online chat as a playing strategy

There are great amounts of skills or tips or strategies for playing poker games online. Here is one strategy that you may find somewhat useful for your playing.
When you play poker games online, you can use your online chat during play as a strategic tool. If you want someone to think you're new at the game, you can ask beginner questions like, "How much do we win if we take 1st place?" Since nobody can see you smiling or sneering behind your computer, they many think you very new at the game and play loose against you. This can be a good strategy to use if it is near the beginning of the game and you got caught with a poor hand. In this case you may gain some chips when somebody calls your strong hand thinking you are weak.
You can also use the online chat to put people on tilt. We don't recommend doing this too often because it is not nice to upset people just to gain a better chance of winning. However, if you have someone who is a really crazy player or not so friendly, then by all means give it to them. In this case, you will most often have to boast that you're an excellent player. So you better be playing some good cards. If you can put the desired player on tilt, he or she may lose their concentration or desire to continue playing at that table therefore increasing the likelihood of playing worse hands or draw hands.
No matter what kinds of cats they are, they are good cats as long as they can catch mice. So just take your full advantage of your strategy to win in your poker games.

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