Thursday, September 18, 2008

How to read opponents in online poker games?

As there exist some differences between online poker and live poker games, so players need to change their ways of reading opponents comparing with that used in live poker. In live poker games, you play face to face with your opponents and can read them by means of body-language, and could become familiar with their habits or styles of playing, thus helping you to make decisions when your turn comes. However, when playing online poker, players couldn’t see each other when they take their actions. So, what they should do to read their opponents?
Online poker provides players with a ‘mask’ where they can hide behind, thus making the concealment of your bad poker face a child’s play. Unfortunately this whole deal works in both directions: it’ll be a lot tougher for you to get reads on opponents as well. Anyway, although your visual information about your opponents will be reduced, but there are still other ways of reading them.
First, the time a player takes to respond to other players’ actions reveals something about that player. If the player immediately takes actions to bet or raise after others, he or she may has a strong hand. If the player takes a longer time to respond, he is USUALLY hesitating and keeps a weak hand. So when you get a strong hand, you could wait a bit longer before taking actions, thus preventing others predicting your hands.
Then, you could watch others’ playing styles and take a note to be familiar with your opponents. Some players always play aggressively whenever they got strong hands and always fold when they got no nuts. So what you need to do is just to observe and record them in mind.
Besides, the online chat is also another clue for you to read your opponents. The player who constantly chats, will most probably not be a dangerous one. If someone complains online, being rude and trying to insult others out of sheer frustration, you’ll know that he’s not only a fish, but also a socially challenged specimen. Do not get drawn into the senseless yapping. Take note, and focus on your game.
Reading your opponents online thus is possible as there are still resources for you to make full use of, though it is more difficult than in live poker. Just sharpen your eyes and catch the tinny clues revealed by your opponents, then you will stand more powerful than them.

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