Monday, September 15, 2008

Positions matter in poker games

Your position refers to the order by which you are to make your bet. Position matters in a poker game. If you have a 10-person holdem table and two people are the blinds that leaves 8 people left. The first three people are early position. The next three people are middle position. Late position consists of the dealer button and the person before him (all though you could blur the end of iddle and the start of late). The later you are, the better. Remember you play tight in the front and loose in the back hand selection.
The position on the left of small blind might be the worst one since no free information is available before you bet. Players after you will have your and other players’ moves on which to base their decision to bet or fold, whereas you will have to make a decision based on your hole cards. This is the reason why the person to the left of the blind is called ‘under the gun’ or UTG.

The last position or the Button position is the best position because you basically have the actions of all the other players before you to base your decision on. You also have the chance to be master of the pot as your bet will determine how big the bets are in the following rounds.
There are several advantages to be the button and a good poker player should know how to make full use of them. The expected value of your hand becomes greater when you’re last. You also have the least risk since you can decide to fold after speculating on the strength of your opponents’ cards based on their actions during that particular betting round.

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