Friday, September 5, 2008

About BlackJack

About Blackjack

When I get to know Blackjack for the first time, I think, as long as you can count your cards points, you could play the game very well. But when I really start to play it, I find that I was wrong. Blackjack is a game of intelligence and strategy. So I said to myself that I would not boast any more in the future if I hadn’t try it out first. You’ll never know the truth of something until you experience it through your own efforts.

Playing Blackjack needs not only good luck but also solid experience,strategy and courage. Of course, we must confess that some times one player would win with a very weak hand against the dealers unpredictable hand. We can say that luck helps in this case.

To some extent, I think, the fun of the game mainly lies in your decision, to hit on or to stand. Therefore, you need to be quite cautious when to make your decision whether to draw one more card or stop to compare your hand against the Dealer’s. At this kind of crucial moments, your experience in the game would help you go much further. In my opinion, it’s just because of this that makes you taste the fun and excitement of Blackjack.

So, have a try of the game and see what I said is somewhat reasonable or not.

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