Thursday, September 18, 2008

How to play a strong hand?

When playing poker games online, every player is believed to be willing to be dealt with a strong hand, am I right? Yes. But as for how to play a so-called strong hand, not many players have got a clearly positive answer. They may play the strong hand aggressively all the way to the end of that particular round, with the feeling that they are doomed to win big with that strong hand. But the fact is they may lose or not win much from the pot. What is sad is that they even don’t know the root reason for losing and repeat this sad scene again and again, thus losing great amounts of opportunities to profit from the game.

When you have a strong hand, you obviously want to get the most of it – that is, you don’t want to scare your opponents out of the pot. In such case, you call any bets that were made before you – letting the people behind you to make a raise. If they raise, you also call, and it’s good if you could make them think you don’t like what you do. If nobody bets, you just check, not to let them think that your hand is strong. However, when you get to the river, you should turn on aggression. By that time, it’s likely some of your opponents have already invested in the pot, and it’s very much possible they would call your bets or raises. So, when you are sure your cards are strong, you’d better not make huge bets and raises immediately from the beginning of the game – wait till the river and then show your aggression. Otherwise, if you start to be aggressive from the immediate beginning, some other players might predict that you’ve got a really strong hand and they would take their actions to fold, thus reducing your chance of winning more.

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