Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Observing your opponent!

Watching the opponents, making quick adjustments and knowing when to give up poker hands and games. Opponents are often predictable. When you first sit down in a poker game most poker players do not scan the table and make notes.

The most important thing that you need to know about your opponents is whether they are capable of bluffing or not and taking down an unexpected pot. Make a mental note of each poker player you have played with previously in the past. Due to the success of poker on television a larger number of players seem be bluffing. This is due to seeing the players on television bluff. They do not realize that the most dramatic hands are for the viewing public and what is more dramatic then the bluff? 

When an opponent who you do not think can bluff check raises you. What do you think he has in his hand? It is close to the nuts. You just have to figure out how close compared to your hand. Second pair may be enough as they might of checked raised with a flush draw trying to get you to lay down your hand. Play the hand over in your head before releasing your hand.

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heartofluck said...

Well, if you enjoy the game and just have fun to get unwind you will notice that sometimes being a looser in a casino game is not important but you will notice sometimes bluffing the other opponents makes sense in dealing the game. But if your goal is win the game at the same time have fun try to do some tactics that makes the banker think before revealing his card.

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