Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Poker focus.

Players tend to put little focus on the non-winning aspects of the poker game. They focus on winning pots. They think about ways to get more money in their pockets by winning it from their opponents.

Obviously this is important, but internet poker income is made during an exchange of money. The different players shove money into pots. They take money out of pots. Money moves back and forth around the poker table, over and over. A single chip may be in the possession of a dozen different people within the same hour. Poker income is not made in a nice, regular, easy to see fashion. Money is made in literally dozens of small, innocuous, cumulative ways.

Money not lost spends the same as money won. But also, the nature of poker is that you must lose in order to win. You aren’t going to win 100% of your pots. Except when playing head-up, you will always lose most of the hands you are dealt in. You will usually lose most of the pots you play. The door to poker income swings both ways -- money has to go out for money to come in.

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