Friday, May 22, 2009

Finding the right poker game !

If you just started playing poker and you just found out the best style that’s fits you as a winning player on a consistent basis, should you start to wonder, is that the correct time to move up limits? Are you ready to step up and get out of the comfort zone you set for yourself. That is a question that crosses all winning poker players.

All poker players need to remember, most times when you move up, you’ll be playing against better players. So I believe you should move up when loses at one level to the next level mean the same mentally and the players you are up against are worse than you.

That means you’ll still enjoy the poker game the same way and how much you lose doesn’t start changing your way of playing (mindset). Playing in the correct mindset makes it joyful as well as profitable. Once finding the correct mindset, you can proceed to find the correct game for you.

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