Monday, May 11, 2009

What is poker tells?

A “poker tell” is any clue, habit, behavior or physical reaction, that gives other players more information about your poker hand. The following are tips and you can apply against novice or advanced players. Remember, in poker game there are many contradictions and exceptions to the rule. Also, experienced pros will give out false tells to fool players.

Watch the Eyes
This is why many pros wear sunglasses or visors/caps when playing poker; they know that the eyes rarely lie.

internet pokerFacial Expression
Again, many pros try to disguise their entire face by wearing a cap and looking downward. This is to avoid the classic stare-down that poker pros are famous for. They may try to study your face for nervousness (detecting a weak hand), or even look for repetitive characteristics like a body "tic". You may have obvious unhappiness in your face when your hand is weak, and conversely, you may show a contrasting show of confidence when your hand is strong.

Weak is Strong/Strong is Weak
In its most simplistic form, this usually applies to novice players but frequently applies to pros as well. Basically, poker players like to be actors, and when they have a monster hand they tend to look disinterested. Repetitive Betting Patterns.

Betting habits
Usually the most revealing poker tells are based on the way a player habitually bets during particular situations. For example, maybe the player always checks when he has made the nuts, or a player may regularly fold after being re-raised.

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