Monday, June 1, 2009

Brushing up on your poker skills!

Experience is the key to success for it comes from doing and involves taking risks.  This is especially true in poker for you are playing with your own money; brushing up on your skills is of immediate importance.

Understanding the poker odds on each hand dealt, knowing how your opponent’s moves require hands - on involvement.  Listening to your own instincts and being able to exercise its own vision and creativity is a major joy of playing poker.  Don’t disagree as yet, because I would like to tell you one thing for the record: Instincts executed intelligently in a poker hand are the products of poker analysis, reviewing previous hands you played could make the difference of winning or losing in the long run.

These are just some of the skills one has to master when he is into poker and he can only transcend them through hands- on experiences. If you really wish to become a master of an art like “The Art of Playing Poker”, technical knowledge gained through reading poker books, watching poker tournaments & TV poker shows aren’t enough. Man, you have to put your time on the poker table, effort, and money on it. My point is kept on brushing up your poker plays for this is the blueprints for success.

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