Monday, March 23, 2009

How to Bluff in Texas Holdem

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To those that have really mastered it, bluffing in poker is an art-form. Bluffing is also a key strategy that must be learned in order to become a big time player. It is a craft that takes a lot of studying, patience, and intuition to be great at.

We will mainly be focusing on the Texas Holdem style of play. First of all, if you are a bad liar, it's time to get better at it. Having a nice clay chip set and fancy table won't help you win the game. There is a reason many players wear sunglasses and don't show expression on their face. They are trying to be difficult to "read," or in other words, they want it to be difficult for their opponents to figure out what kind of poker cards they are holding. You don't want to show a lot, or any, emotion in this game. The other players will often learn how you operate very quickly if you make it obvious.

There are certain times and situations that must be learned and followed as to when bluffing is the right call to make. Learning these strategies will not only help you in your bluffing, but also help you to figure out when someone else is!

First and foremost, you want to be close to, and preferably on, the button when you bluff. This way, everyone else has called, checked and bet before it's you're turn to act. If everyone is checking, then you have the opportunity to throw in a poker chip or two and see how many opponents you can get to fold.

You also have to take into consideration, if you opponent keeps betting, what they could possible hold in their hand. Even if you are on the button and everyone else is checking, you aren't going to necessarily win the hand. You don't want to push all your poker chips in just to lose the pot in the end. You need to learn when it is time to stop throwing in more chips, and when you have been defeated for that hand.

As you continue to practice and improve your strategies, you will last longer and longer in the game until you're wrangling up the chip sets at each game you go to. Be sure to be as inconspicuous as possible, and never reveal to your friends how you do it! You don't want them to use your own strategies against you…

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