Sunday, March 15, 2009

Better Choice: Internet Poker

Internet poker

It wasn’t that long ago that Internet poker became so popular and now it seems that almost everyone has played Internet poker at least once. If you haven’t played Internet poker yet then you’re definitely missing out on some fun and I would suggest checking it out. Let’s now take a look at some of the reasons why I feel Internet poker is better than live poker.

There is no organizing that you need to do to play Internet poker and you can simply sign in to your account from any computer and begin playing. Whenever you feel the urge to play some poker you’ll be able to just by jumping onto your computer.

Since you’re playing online you can play as long as you want whereas if you’re at a casino you’ll need to drive home at some point. Internet Poker rooms are open 24 hours and this ensures that players around the world can play poker whenever they want without any problems.

You can do other things while playing Internet poker such as watching television, playing a game, doing some work or whatever needs done. It will take away from how focused you are in the game, but if you need to do some stuff then you might as well pound it out while playing Internet poker so you don’t have to do anything afterwards.

You can quit at any point to take a break and come back to play. At a casino you can take breaks, but only for a certain amount of time and if it’s busy you might lose your seat.

There are tons of tournaments with low buy-ins so that even if you don’t want to risk $100+ on a ring table game you could still play poker. Most casinos have a minimum $100 buy-in for games, whereas Internet poker has tournaments starting at $1 and ring table games starting at $.01/$.02 with a $10 minimum.

If you’re a new Internet poker player you don’t need to be worried about giving away any tells to your opponents while playing over the computer.

You can say what you want about the cards or opponents without offending anyone since you’re playing at your home and no one can hear you anyways. This venting process can payoff since you won’t be bottling the anger up. Bottling your anger up in poker can be costly because you’ll start playing differently and most times losing more money.

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