Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Heads Up Challenges

Internet poker

If you like to played heads-up, Internet poker room are beginning to provide previously unavailable opportunities. Have you ever wondered why there are so few heads-up matches in real-world casinos? Surely, heads-up can’t be that unpopular, because just the thought of a high-intensity one-on-one game can make pulses race. And isn’t it the final heads-up hands in a poker tournament that are the most exciting to watch on television? Let me tell you, having enjoyed a lot of experience in this situation, those final heads-up hands are not just the most exciting to watch---they’re also the most exciting to play!

So why aren’t heads-up games available in poker rooms and casinos? It’s because those games are not economical for them. Each game takes up valuable real estate---a full table. Worse, each game require a dealer---who is hired to provide service to up to 10 players at a table---just to service two customers.

But these all change online. It costs nothing to set up a new table for two players, because the tables are purely imaginary, just tiny sots forming the image on your computer monitor. And online casinos don’t worry about you using up their tables, because they can provide as many as they want at no cost. No tables to purchase. No poker room floor space limitations. But, bigger than that is the fact that online poker doesn’t worry about paying dealers. The cards are all shuffled and distributed by the software. There’s no cost involved in dealing more cards or adding more games…

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Lucilla said...

I like playing online poker games because it has so many advantages. What you mention is one of those good points.

Dominic said...

I never played heads up before I started this bankroll challenge. I was prod of the fact that I never tilted anymore when beating up the 6 max games. But that all changed when I played heads up. I've had to re-learn tilt control... lol

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