Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Read Your Poker Opponents

One of the most important things in poker is to get a correct read on what the opponent will do next, and thus to get an approximate idea of what he may be holding in the pocket. Knowing that, will allow you to take control of the game and make your will prevail.

It is a commonly accepted fact that a good poker player needs to manipulate his opponents. Keeping them in the dark and confused is by far not enough. You need opponents who know what they have to do all the time. If you’re barely able to keep them from getting a read on you, and keeping them confused takes up all your concentration, then you’re not doing something right.

In real poker, there are a myriad of ways to get reads on different players,such as body language and face. What about online poker? Do things work the same way there?

Playing and winning online poker is a science. It is both a skill and an art of mastering things that most players take for granted.

Online poker is quite different from real poker, as football is from rugby. Online poker provides players with a ‘mask’ they can hide behind, thus making the concealment of your bad poker face a child’s play. Unfortunately this whole deal works in both directions: it’ll be a lot tougher for you to get reads on opponents as well. This is the very reason why good real poker players turn out not to be such A-grade online players, and vice-versa.

Generally speaking, players who take longer to respond are in possession of a weak hand in online poker. Don’t ever stall if you intend to take a weak hand further. That’ll be a clear sign to your opponents that you’re in a predicament. On the other hand, you might want to take a bit longer before acting when you’re in possession of a monster.

Anyway, in poker, the sure way of winning is by showing down the best hand. This is true not only for casinos but for online as well. However, there a number of reasonable ways a smart player could increase his chances of winning. The sure way of acquiring winning poker skills is by checking out how players deal with their games and keeping in mind the right moves.

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Moon Ⅱ said...

It's hard for me to put on a poker face. I am too emotional.

Poker Kingdom said...

Trying to get to know what your opppents have is not an easy thing.