Thursday, January 8, 2009

Basic Poker Terms

Language games are common in almost any endeavor. For instance, the field of medicine has their own terms that only members of their profession relate to. The same thing applies in casino games. Poker, in this case, also has its own terminologies that all players should be familiar with.

There are many basic poker terms by which a smooth poker game is ensured…

A "Buy-in" is the amount of money required before a poker player can sit in the poker table. If the buy-in is $10, all poker players must have $10 or pay this to the bank before they can sit at the poker table.

When playing poker in casinos, there is a minimal charge for the services rendered by the casino to poker players. This is called the rake. The rake is obtained from the poker pot. The poker pot is the collection of all bets made by all poker players in the poker table. The poker winner takes home the pot less the rake.

The flop in poker refers to the first three cards distributed to players. Flops are usually exposed all at once in any game of poker. The limp refers to poker players who bet before the flop. Poker players who equal the highest bid is called to make a "call." While poker players who "raise" must first "call" before allowed to make a raise.

For instance, the Poker highest bet is $5. The poker player "calls" and bets $5 before he can make a "raise" to, for instance, $10.

When a poker player concedes and accepts defeat, it is called a "fold". The poker player, obviously, loses all the chips he wagered in the pot. Poker players who have the best hand is called to possess the "nuts."

Understand all these basic terms and a fat poker profit is surely to you're your way…

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Moon Ⅱ said...

First term I learn is "fish"

Poker Kingdom said...

These terms are very usefull for rookies