Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trapping in Online Poker Holly Wood Style

There is nothing like performing a beautiful trap when you have the nuts! Sucking your opponent dry feels great, especially when it’s Holly Wood Style!

I was playing online poker at a cash table; I had joined a friend for fun. Internet Poker is a great thing when you have friends abroad, I joined at a cash table, talked away and my friend and I were having the time of our lives. I was playing very safe; I was really there for the enjoyment. Indeed online gaming can be fun with friends!

We were on a full table full of aggressive players. There was one man - as an example – whom they were calling “re-buy boy”, he continually re-bought (Although I missed taking his chips, I took his seat as he left). They were playing loose as hell and me tight, is my point. So I am sitting playing tight and was dealt Ace and 8 of spades. The flop comes down giving me my nut flush straight away. There was no prior raise for this particular hand but they were about to start. I was raised: a huge raise! I sat and thought, and thought until I had almost used all my time clock prior to calling. I knew I had the nuts but extraction was the key. The turn came and was useless to either person. Regardless, my internet poker Hollywood performance had paid off! My only remaining opponent went all in which is exactly what I wanted! Snap call this time, no more need for acts.

His response was “OMG, WOW!” “You obviously don’t know her,” says my friend. Indeed he didn’t, but he wouldn’t forget now. Online Poker Software developers have given us a time clock to make sure that the game is played at a fair and reasonable pace. I suggest you use the software developer’s online gaming tools to your advantage.

Use the clock to pull Holly Wood Acting Stunts, use it to trap, use it to its full advantage like I did. Good Luck!

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