Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Strategy Books for Poker Players

For poker players of online poker games, no matter beginners or pros, there are many good books on the market for them to learn poker skills and strategies. Here are some of the most useful books and hope you could learn some nice tips or strategies for your poker games online from these books.

This is a good poker book package for the beginners:

Play Poker like the Pros (Phil Hellmuth)
- Basic, easy-to-use poker strategies for all major games.

Super System 2 (Doyle Brunson et al)
- Accurate, concise strategies for all major poker games.

Internet Texas Holdem (Matthew Hilger)
- Well-structured, detailed strategy for Limit Hold'em.

Championship No-Limit & Pot-Limit Holdem (T.J Cloutier & McEvoy)
- Quality, easy-to-read tournament advice.

Championship Tournament Practice Hands (T.J Cloutier & McEvoy)
- Tournament practice hands for both No-Limit and Limit Texas Hold'em.

This is a good poker book package for the advanced players:

Holdem Poker for Advanced Players (David Sklansky)
- Classic book with technical analysis on Limit Texas Hold'em.

Pot-Limit and No-Limit Poker (Ciaffone & Reuben)
- Good general book on No-Limit and Pot-Limit for most games.

Middle limit Holdem Poker (Ciaffone & Brier)
- In-depth Limit Hold'em analysis via hundreds of hand examples.

How good is your Pot-Limit Holdem? (Steward Reuben)
- Very instructive quizzes and hand analysis on Pot- and No-Limit Hold'em.

How to win at Omaha High-Low Poker (Mike Cappelletti)
- Well structured and thorough advice on limit Omaha High-Low

How good is your Pot-Limit Omaha? (Steward Reuben)
- Edifying quizzes and hand analysis on high-stakes Omaha High.

Seven Card Stud for Advanced Players (Sklansky, Malmuth & Zee)
- Well-structured technical analysis on Limit Seven-Card Stud.

The Theory of Poker (David Sklansky)
- Classic book with in-depth concepts on all types of cash-game poker.

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